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Aircraft Maintenance
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Airplane Wing
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Private Aircraft
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Aircraft Maintenance
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Aircraft Management & Technical Services

Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation

Providing Continuing Airworthiness Management Services and Providing a Part M and Technical Services to Aircraft Operators.



Our Company,

When AMATS was founded in 2011, The intention was to create a simple solution to all your AVIATION needs and set new high standards in the industry.


The CEO Christopher Souden took on this task with his Highly motivated and professional team to bring AMATS to life. Located in the heart of Dorset at Bournemouth International airport we set about living and breathing our vision for our customers.


AMATS provides global support for commercial and non commercial aircraft with professional technical services, and is devoted to helping clients reduce operating costs, enhance reliability and performance of their fleets.

Today’s world is ever changing all around us.


Our highly dedicated team continues as ever to provide unparalleled quality of service to the global aviation industry, just as we have and always will.

 Keeping You  Airbourne.......

We are an effective answer to the increasing accountability within Part M; each contract is bespoke to suit your individual requirements, providing a dependable and professional service.


CAMO Services 
Non-CAMO technical management services
Aircraft spares procurement

We hold approvals from the European Aviation Safety Agency  to provide Continuing Airworthiness Management Services on a wide range of different aircraft including:

  • Boeing - B737 -300

  • Boeing - B737 -400

  • Boeing - B737 -500


EASA Part- M Subpart G Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation 

UK CAA Approval # UK.MG.0699


AMATS are able to provide full

  • Technical Records,

  • Maintenance Scheduling,

  • Maintenance programming

  • Project Engineering Services for Commercial and Non-Commercial aircraft.


These services can be provided individually or as a specific package to be bespoke to your needs.

  • Pre-Purchase Aircraft Inspections

  • Annual Lease or Loan Inspections

  • Export / Import C Of A

  • Aircraft Interior Design / Refurbishment

  • Aircraft Physical Audits

  • Audits of Aircraft Maintenance Records

  • Aircraft Maintenance Supervision

  • Lease Creation, Management and Inspections

  • Sourcing Aircraft

  • Aircraft Deliveries and Re deliveries

  • Aircraft Technical Monitoring

  • Audits of Maintenance and Repair Organisations

  • Calculation of Maintenance Reserve Rates

  • Production or Analysis of Maintenance Work Scopes

  •  Maintenance Status Projections

  • Implementation and Supervision of Lessee Transition Maintenance

  • Advice on the Technical Aspects of Lease or Loan Documentation

  • Production of Maintenance Work Packs

  • Planning of Maintenance

  • Assessment and Tracking of Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletin

  • Development of Approved Maintenance Programmes

  • Spares acquisitions

  • Archiving and storage of all technical records.

  • Manage and Supervise the Storage and Insurance of Parked Aircraft

  • Advise Upon and Manage Appropriate Maintenance, Refurbishment and Repair of Aircraft and Engines

  • Development of modified aircraft operational manuals.

  • On-site control of aircraft base maintenance inputs.

  • Organising the approval of any repair outside of the SRM to the aircraft with either the aircraft OEM or a contracted Part 21 organisation.

  • Organising the approval of all and any alteration to the aircraft according to Part-21 before it is embodied.

Whether spares are required in large quantity for provisioning or in small amounts for line maintenance our aircraft spares procurement department can help

Please enqure below to see how we can help you keep on flying .


Mission, Vision & Values


  • Provide a level of safety second to none

  • Recognize that each Owner and Customer has unique needs and we deliver customized services

  • Successfully achieve our goals and objectives

  • Our shared success is dependent on our collective team capabilities

  • Create an environment where everyone is respected, empowered, and has an opportunity to grow

  • Act with uncompromising integrity


To provide our clientèle with bespoke and exclusive air transportation experiences for all there needs through an environment that fosters continuous improvement,teamwork with clients, colleagues and suppliers alike.


Amats are committed to provide global support for commercial and non commercial aircraft with professional technical services, and is devoted to helping clients reduce operating costs, enhance reliability and performance of their fleets, Along with uncompromised safety, exceptional quality and unparalleled customer service in all we do.



For any Enquiries, Questions or Quotes, 

Please call: +44(1202) 798801

or fill out the following form below, 

we aim to get back to you in 24-48 hours

Head Office

Amats, European House, Bournemouth international Airport, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 6EA



Tel: +44(1202) 798801


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To apply for a job with AMATS, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:



Aircraft Management And Technical Services​

© 2016 by AMATS. 

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